Group Coaching

Most high achieving people hit a wall at some point. That wall could look like:

Stagnation in your success: The things you used to do to be successful are not producing the results you’re looking for.

Health problems: Your physical or mental health have been compromised.

Emptiness: You experience a deep dissatisfaction with how your life is going, sometimes despite accomplishing milestones you thought would be more meaningful.

At this fork in the road, you can decide to continue to apply the “push through” “get it done” “hustle hard” mentality and eventually burn out (if you haven’t already), OR you can expand your way of interacting with the world, and yourself. You can balance out your ability with pushing past your limits with a gentle, energizing, and healthy way of going with the flow. You don’t have to let go of everything that has gotten you this far. Let’s add a new way of being to your life, so that you can experience all of the joy life has to offer. We can get to the root of your hustle culture indoctrination so that you have more freedom to choose how you want yo be in the world. 

I firmly believe that people who engage in this work create better environments for others. This is ONE way we change the system of exploitative work, extractive capitalism, and dehumanizing perfectionistic expectations. How do we do this?

Expand Capacity

Expand your capacity for big changes through a balanced self-care practice. 

Untangle Your Story

Get to the root of your hustle culture indoctrination and craft a new identity for yourself. 


Connect with your new identity, while also setting boundaries with others that will enhance your relationships.

Roadmap to Your Future

Envision your future and end the program with a roadmap for how to get there without stepping into your old traps of burnout.


Take the Next Step

If you see yourself in what I have described above, then I probably have you in mind as I am creating this program. Add your name to the waitlist below. The first cohort of the program will be really special. Coming in 2024!

The program will be 100% virtual.


Create conditions where you feel at home with yourself so that you can go with the flow and experience all life has to offer. Find your footing and your flow in your wellness, your relationships, and your work.

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