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Despite a growing wellness industry, our society is burnt out. I believe that this disconnect occurs because we attempt to apply self-care practices without looking deeper at the roots our struggles. Burnout recovery is a change in wellness behaviors, but healing from hustle culture is a change in identity. In order to revolutionize the way we live and work, we have to unlearn what we have been taught about our identities being defined by productivity. Only leaders who have made this fundamental shift to a humanizing way to see themselves and others, can create policies and work environments that support our wellness in meaningful rather than superficial ways. 

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Healing the Cycle of Burnout

Burnout recovery is a change in behavior, but to truly heal from hustle culture, we have to change our identity.

Balancing Mental health at work

The culture of work is changing It’s time to re-think “work-life” balance to help employers, employees and entrepreneurs meet the change.

Athlete Transition out of Sport

Transitioning out of sport is a stressful time for serious athletes. Some skills transfer and others need to be unlearned for a healthy transition.

Making the Most of Therapy

Learn how to maximize the benefits of therapy so that progress and satisfaction are enhanced.

"Dr. Hubbard has facilitated wellness for our BIPOC community in the most gentle and consistent way. Our staff have acquired self care tools that have assisted tremendously with NFP & work burnout and the youth participants report feeling supported and better equipped to manage their mental health. We appreciated this partnership."

Jacinda Bullie

"[...] she is thoughtful, kind and exceptional within her work with her clients and organizations she engages with. Her speciality areas within BIPOC mental health, burnout and self-care are specific strengths I have seen in her work."

Dr. Chandan Bhagia

Create conditions where you feel at home with yourself so that you can go with the flow and experience all life has to offer. Find your footing and your flow in your wellness, your relationships, and your work.

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